Florida's Springs Water Czar -Named by Team Conservation

Public Health Dangers of Sewer Water Best used in Farm Applications Fresh Clean water to be recommended for Beneficial Recharge.

Senate sends budget to Governor Rick Scott with zero funding for anti growth DEP Springs Groups.
Senator Hays and Governor Scott Team up and pull funding from Storm Water and anti growth groups.  Legislature hopes to send EPA packing.  EPA uses obscure pseudo scientist as entry pawn in bid to take over Florida.
Just in: HT Odum Emergy Environmental Sustainable Global Social Political Transformit concepts may not make the cut using tax funds.  EPA is using political opening created by HT Odum Springs Groups from Gainesville.  Springs Protection funded by the people survived and is a main factor in the Economic Action Team Expected Success.
Evaluation of Emergy finds that it is not the Unified Energy Theory applicable to the Universe and Energy.  
Emergy theory has been characterized as simplistic, contradictory, misleading and inaccurate (Ayres, 1998; Cleveland et al., 2000; Mansson and McGlade, 1993; Spreng, 1988). 

Saving Florida Eco Tourism by ending old Bad Management Systems.  Florida Wildlife is a World Class Treasure.  Water Czar Emeritus Bob Burton is launching a State Wide EDC Florida net plus revenue program to help save Florida's Tax Base.  Driving out EPA number one goal.  

Bob Burton Florida Water CZAR Emeritus, on assignment in South Florida.  We thank Bob for his service.  Support Bob in his efforts to Save Florida.

Out of the "if you make it look complicated, they will think you are a scientist", School of Environmental Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.
If it looks complicated it must be valid, Wrong! 

Drawing of a system by HT Odum.
Visit HT Odum and Dr. Scienceman for more Social Political Science.

 Example of Dr. HT Odum's Ecosystems based on new words he developed to represent Dolars, Energy, Electronic terms and more. 

We must get behind Governor Rick Scott and Senator Alan Hays as they work to revitalize Florida's Economy.  Problems caused by anti growth group such as Agenda 21, Transformity Systems, Sustainable Development and the World Future Society must be understood.  Often groups receive state tax payer funding. 



Credit to EPA and Dr. Odum and Dr. Scienceman, (name changed from Dr. Dave Slade to Dr Scienceman) 
the change of name from David Slade to David Scienceman was an experiment to create a movement of scientifically aware politicians. In a world dominated by scientific achievements and problems, the then Dr. Slade believed that there should be a political party that represented the scientific point of view (Cadzow 1984). 


The World Future Society is a nonprofit educational and scientific organization in Bethesda, MarylandU.S., founded in 1966.[1]

The Society investigates how socialeconomic and technological developments are shaping the future 


Interface between environment and economic use.

Environmental impact (Figure 8) is measured by the emergy investment ratio defined as the ratio of the emergy purchased from the economy divided by the emergy from the local environment. Developed states have ratios of 7 or higher. National parks and wilderness have ratios of 1 or less. Ratios higher than those of the surrounding area do not compete economically because costs are higher than alternative investments.

14. Beneficial Public Policy

To form public policy for maximum benefit, select alternatives that maximize useful empower. By restating Lotka's principle in empower units we recognize that beneficial organization increases intake emergy (first priority) and its efficient use (second priority) on all scales (not just maximizing levels with more energy; not maximizing some levels at the expense of others).

The net emergy ratio of its best fuel sources determines a state's support for other activity. Developed countries in recent years have had ratios between 3 and 12 times more emergy input than was used to get it.


Example of Emdollar Evaluation, an Environmental Lawsuit

In practical applications evaluation starts by defining a window and drawing a systems diagram usually with energy language symbols. Important pathways are identified and data are assembled for each line item. Energy flows and storages are multiplied by transformities to get emergy values and divided by emergy/money ratios to get emdollars. Table 2 is an emergy evaluation table used in a lawsuit.

 EPA and Good ol' Dr. HT Odum join forces.  EPA and Odum followers may be asked to step away from the politically tax payer funded trough.  Read what Environmental Engineering is based on.  The University of Florida may be asked to take a hard look at the ODUM Terms based environmental science.  Whole concept of analogy science may be bogus.
A few BMP are opening the door for the EPA to make a grand entrance.  The no standard stance of FDEP is drawing EPA down on our backs.  "No point source" lets EPA point the finger of blame when they want and at whom they want.  We must have a more dynamic economic system if we are to grow!"  Don Browning 2006.  
Old Dr. Scienceman and HT Odum wordsmith experts may be the cause of economic failure in Florida.  An old system held up as the Global  answer by some "cult like" students of Drs. Scienceman and HT Odum may be finally on the way out.  Under the crush of failing economic conditions, liberal political systems are getting a hard look by Florida's Legislature and Governor.
If you want a wild ride, study Emergy Systems studies and how they often leave more mystery than information causing Springs Experts to ask questions.  Home of the HT Odum school of Emergy may join other Odumesk organizations such as DCA and other Central Florida Springs organizations legislative questions.
Hoping to link science with a new word coined by Dr Odum, Emergy and a set of symbols were developed in an attempt at science by analyogy.  Drawings can prove at least that they can be confusing.  Emergy flows like energy in Transformity if thought of as EmJoules, EmKilocalories and EmPower. Popular attempts at linking emtime and emspace add a nice touch to the Sustainability Social Order he developed during the cold war years.
Dr HT Odum was the first to complete a study without point source pollution coming from local Drainage Wells and Alachua Discharge points.  Dr. Odem known as the father of Scientific Social Political Metaphysics.  Known as a trip to never land, many scientist have attempted to lay to rest Emergy.   Today the concept is used politically to support world government and a sort of globalization of human activity. 
Empirical science was mixed with Emergy as an analogy thereby developing a Natural System of "ecocentric" values to help society establish new public policy.  Systems around newly coined words would analyze streams using root words know in the world of Thermodynamics, Economics, Electric theory, and Time Space concerns with energy now known as Emergy leading the way.  Students still follow and promote the controversial sketches and symbals that popularized Dr. Odum last century.  Apparently Dr. Odum was encouraged by his father to enter the field of science and link science to social political issues.
Current Energy conservation, greenhouse emissions, material fluxes and natural resource management throughout the world along with Sustainability, and political global and local application are built on musings of Dr H T Odum.   

 Battle develops over who thought up the Gobal Environmental Terms used by HT Odum to draw his emergy layouts.  Is Emergy science?  For many the answer is "if you think there is any valid science in EMERGY" Take another look.  For those who haven't studied Dr. HT Odum it is worth the effort if only to understand how Gobal Warming Crisis, and Springs Crisis got started .

Environment, Power and Society by Dr. Scienceman (name change from  was dedicated to the "Father" of Ecosystem Ecology, Professor Howard T. Odum, and his socialist leading father Howard Washington Odum.   

Emergy systems  value has been questioned at the legislative funding level of the State of Florida.  "Our research agenda has focused on merging science and policy, coalescing principles and data from basic research in thermodynamics of self-organizing system, ecology, energy systems, systems ecology, ecological economics, and ecological engineering into an understanding of human and environmental systems. Our research has spanned such global problems as population carrying capacity, greenhouse emissions, material fluxes in conventional and renewable energy production systems, and sustainable patterns of development at local, regional, national and global scales.

Our research has lead to the development of methods for quantifying environmental values, and their application to questions of energy policy and natural resource management throughout the world, helping developing nations understand their resource issues and to evaluate alternative solutions. Our research has addressed resource management questions in Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Brazil, and Ecuador, the six countries of the “southern cone” of South America and most recently the Sahel region of northern Africa. "
Federal Mandate, Florida to set standards for discharge of Nitrates.  Folks, this is a mixed blessing.  You must first understand Agenda 21 to understand why the EPA requirement for standards might just break up the Sustainable Development Take over of Florida. DCA and FDEP are the leading NGO's of Florida Sustainable Development through Springs Protection.
Florida has confusing standards opening the door for EPA regulators to blame nitrates on whom ever they want.  Utilities must discharge their effluent daily the volume is so large that it shows up in springs as algae.  Political NGO's (Non Governmental Organizations) then use the polluting algae as a reason for more regulation on ordinary citizens. 
TDML systems depended on the vastness of receiving water bodies to handle the pollution. EPA message is that pollution of the Aquifer and surface waters requires the EPA in Florida.  Under the 10 Amendment it is better to keep EPA out of Florida.

EPA getting into the mix may cause more harm than good.   Actually the threat of standards may cause FDEP to set nitrate standards on daily Utility Sewer Effluent Discharge and that would allow clear understanding of where the pollution is coming from.  Once we know the amount of nitrate that utilities contribute, normal citizens will no longer have to take the blame for the discharges.  Getting the record straight, that may save his Florida, said Water Czar Don Browning.  EPA nitrate Standards will give FDEP officials tools to at least record utility discharge amounts.  Water groups are gathering to discuss the Water Issues at the Florida Water District, St Johns Water Management District.  Representatives Alan Hays, Ralph Poppell, Charles Van Zant and Kurt Kelly are hard at work hoping to correct a bad situation.  We are very close to cutting the budget of Sustainable Development groups that operate under the name of Springs Protection here in Florida.

Senators, Charlie Dean, Steve Oelrich and Evelyn Lynn are focusing on Springs Protection findings that point to specific analysis of Discharge volumes in each springs area.  Utilities have never been looked at with this level of focus.  It now appears that harvesting will solve the problem of drain pits in the aquifer.  Beneficial recharge is being suggested as coming from springs outflows.  1 Billion Gallons daily spills out at Silver and Rainbow Springs.  If just 10 % of the spill was injected back into the aquifer, a surplus of water would occur in Marion County.  Marion County only uses a total of 88 million gallons daily for all wells, public and private. 

Senator Charles Dean Saves Withlacoochee River Navigation, and helps save Aquifer and Marion County Springs. Calls Marion County Meeting to discuss Springs Protection.

Senator Charles Dean called for an important meeting in Ocala Florida. Citizens explained the problem of being sandwiched in between Alachua Sewer Plant dumping 6 millions of Sewer Effluent daily into the aquifer, and Orlando's Wekiva Springs Area discharging 50 million gallons of processed sewer effluent daily into the aquifer. Most of the nitrate entering into Silver Springs comes from these two sources. Regulation by FDEP, has kept data from the public but information is now surfacing much like the pollution, more and more each year. Springs Protection . Com Editors have started a new search technique that brings pollution sources to light. Searching for Utility Pollution gives little results, however searching for Beneficial Sewage Recharge will give many billions of sewer and storm runoff examples. Senator Paula Dockery and Senators Charles Dean and Steve Oelrich are getting very good at helping uncover code communications used to confuse and deceive the public.

Wildlife may bring back healthy economy.

Wildlife can deliver the joy we need to breath life back into Florida's Economy. Growth is the Answer as our State Struggles to regain financial health. Proper development is a blessing and ends old Bad Management Practices. Ocala is correcting many old pollution problems plaguing Silver Springs.

News: Water Czar Don Browning presents a plan to Legislators as a way to help FDEP reduce Utility Discharge into the Aquifer. Legislators ask for end to what may be a double standard favoring Polluting Utilities. District Judge Hinkle requires FDEP to set standards that will help reduce the impact of Utility Discharges to Aquifer.

US District Judge Hinkle declares Florida Department of Environmental Protection must actually set standards for pollution of Florida's Ground Water. Presentation of posters showing Lime Green Scum shown to Judge Hinkle.

Team Conservation selects Don Browning as the new Florida Water Czar. It is time for the people to be heard. Ending Sustainable Development in Florida is the Goal.

Drainage Wells are discussed much more often in official FDEP Public Relations communications. Evidence surfaces that utilities are the prime source of nitrate pollution in our Springs. Legislators to decide what to do. Visit Springs Protection . Com False concern over pollutants soaking into ground water cover up the real dumping of Drainage Wells.

I will take a Water CZAR to speak for the people.
Drainage Wells cause the Springs Protection program to fail. We are wasting our money.

We are hoping for a local bill to help Wekiva
Senator Lee Constantine may be the only person to be able to stop the pollution at Wekiva Springs.

Florida Citizens supporting Silver Springs Working Group . Com and Springs Protection . Com have named their Director, Water CZAR, a voice for the people.

Don Browning agreed to serve a single term as WATER CZAR because the People Must Be Heard! Currently under the Agenda 21 Sustainable Development program, Springs Protection is extending control over all aspects of daily life.

18,000,000 plus citizens are in charge of our water in Florida.  It was time for a privately funded Water CZAR to step forward.

Founder of the Marion Sun Times, an online news outlet, Don has worked tirelessly to let the people be heard.

Because of the  big business clout of FDEP, most citizens who work in the public environmental industry have a difficult time telling the whole story.

Accepting the title of WATER CZAR, Don pledged to shine the light of reform on sustainable development efforts disguised as Springs Protection.

Florida has a Water Czar, The UN has nothing on Florida. The people are tired of State organized dumping of nitrate. If you discharge pollution, at least admit what you are doing. No more fancy studies that spin your pollution to a benefit for all involved.

Welcome graphic

Get ready to rock! FDEP and DCA can do a better job telling the whole truth about nitrates. We are going to work to get straight talk, and less spin. Forget "We must educate the public". Talking down to the people never works for long. We the people supply $2 Billion Tax dollars to FDEP annually. We will be heard.

Regular people will control their water, air and land.  Governor Charlie Crist has a unique opportunity to stop regulatory take over of Florida life through Sustainable Development programs.
We will promote straight talk from FDEP.  Control is the goal of agencies who fight to grow at all costs.   All the state ordered environmental studies belong to us.  We are the owners of Florida.  The Cabinet is our trustees.
If you believe in Florida, get involved.  Read Agenda 21, Sustainable Development threat to all that we hold dearly as Americans.  

Go to Springs Protection. Com and help us put the people in charge.

Artist Don Browning Executive Director of Silver Springs Working Group. Com

We are the the people are the Florida Water Czar.
Floridians are the committee of 18,000,000. FDEP is staff to the Florida Trustees, not our bosses.

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